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  • Sheradan

    Tipsy Willow Farm is the best! Katie, Jeanette, and Geraldine are 3 unstoppable women that put their heart and soul into producing high-quality and sustainably-sourced meat that ALWAYS tastes so fresh and flavourful! Tipsy Willow is my one-stop shop for finding gifts for everyone. I love gifting their meat packages, eco-conscious skincare, and cozy Canadian-made sweaters and t-shirts. I have visited the farm many times and the girls are very transparent about how they use their land, how the animals are raised, and what ingredients they use! It’s really cool to see first-hand and they taught me so much. I love supporting Tipsy Willow Farm because they make amazing products while doing such great things for the earth! Great work Katie, Jeanette, and Geraldine!

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