An Important Update to our Members

G’day everyone!

Sean and Scott here. We hope all is well with you and your families. It’s wild to think we’re already three months into 2023.

We sent out an email outlining the below at the beginning of this month to all G’day members who’s accounts were coming up on expiry. We thought it would be worth while to highlight the message in a blog post to share with everyone where we’re at.

First off we truly appreciate that you’ve signed up for G’day, and have decided to take part in this journey with us. The best businesses all share one thing in common, amazing partners, and we have that in spades.  

During the early months of 2021 we asked ourselves a question, “why isn’t there an easy way for people to buy local groceries?” A way for someone who doesn’t have any agricultural connections, to confidently buy locally produced groceries. That conversation sparked what is now known as G’day. 

By coming together we have the ability to amplify our voices, and make differences that we wouldn’t see if we tried to tackle this problem alone. The saying “A rising tide lifts all ships” summarizes this whole concept. The person that wants to buy local honey, also wants to buy local beef, and subsequently loves local wine. By having a consolidated site that’s sole purpose is to connect consumers with local farmers and producers, instead of just one specific sector, provides opportunities for cross selling that otherwise wouldn’t be seen. 

As business owners we don’t think we need to tell you about the various marketing mediums available for you to participate in. With the right spend, these mediums are great at getting your message in front of a large crowd. Invest $60 over a span of a week and your message could be seen by potentially thousands of people. The issue with this is you’re now trying to convince someone to purchase local groceries, that wasn’t in the mind set to purchase local groceries. Which believe me I know, is a tricky feet. Someone was scrolling away and were met with an ad to buy local ____. When your business connects with consumers on G’day, those are folks that have a direct intention of buying local groceries. We’ve “loaded the hay elevator” and their on the site for one reason, to find local groceries around them. A spend with G’day connects you with the exact demographic you’re looking to reach, with none of the fluff other marketing mediums provide. 

As G’day approaches its 2nd anniversary, it is time for us to make some important decisions in order to grow the platform to its fullest potential. What started as a “what if” between two former university roommates has snowballed into a viable solution for people looking to purchase local groceries. These decisions will fuel change, and in our opinion, benefit all involved.

Effective April 1st, 2023, subscriptions will be required to have your listing active on As we mentioned when you first signed up, you have two subscription options, monthly and yearly. By purchasing the yearly subscription you receive two months for free. 

Monthly recurring – $19.99

Yearly recurring – $199.95

Your subscription fee allows us to engage with more and more Canadians, start more conversations, and educate people on the massive pros that buying locally produced groceries provides. 

With a paid subscription you will also receive quarterly metric reports on your pages performance, along with metrics on any social content we work in collaboration on. Just like local groceries, transparency is key.

We thank you all again for your support, and wish you a happy and healthy 2023. 

Please reach out to us if there’s any questions or comments.


Sean and Scott 

G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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