Small Actions Make Big Impacts 

Whether you like it or not food is something that impacts each and everyone of us. It might sound crazy but every meal has its own unique make up and own unique path of getting from seed to stomach. By this stage of your life you may have read or heard about the importance of supporting local business. Now along with that you make have also been informed that supporting local leads to stronger communities, greater quality of products, and that local products are better for the environment. So if thats the case it should be a no brainer to buy local groceries right?  It sparks the question why don’t more folks buy local? 

Here are a few perspectives on why some folks refrain from buying local and some possible remedies to promote souring local groceries.

The Cost.

In some cases sourcing local can be cost effective. #FractionalFresh for example is one method when friends can come together to increase buying power. In other cases local can also be a more expensive option. One of the reasons for the cost is because Canada’s food safety standards are some of the highest in the world. Enforcing these health standards comes with a cost. Another contributing factor to the cost of local goods is the where you are purchasing the products from. There are a few different ways to go about sourcing local. Are you souring directly from the producer? Are buying from prepared food box brands? Or are you buying from a farmers markets? Food boxes are very convenient but in some cases the product is double in price vs sourcing from the farm directly. More often than not sourcing directly from the producer is the cheapest method. 

Overwhelming factor. 

Most folks do not know a producer. It can be hard to know where to find local groceries. Every commodity, county, province has some kind of “buy local” promotion. It can be overwhelming in some cases to know where to turn for local products. Our goal is to create one unified platform that creates “household” name in the Canadian grocery conversation. Our hope is that having one location will create more sales for local producers as a collective group. 

Creating new habits. 

Starting a new job, getting into an exercise routine or changing where you shop for groceries, changing or creating new habits can be difficult. Large grocery chains are uber-convenient there is no denying that. However, the potential benefits of creating a local food habits can have some very positive impacts. Eating whole foods vs processed foods, learning something new, unplugging from your schedule, tasting fresh food are things that come to mind. 

Something as simple as incorporating a local grocery run into your monthly grocery routine can create a lot more changes than you might think. 

Thanks for reading and have a G’day! 

G’day is a platform that connects you with local farms and producers, allowing you to buy your groceries straight from the folks that produce them. From produce to protein, wine to cheese, you’ll find it on G’day!

G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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