How to write the perfect G’day listing!

Welcome – Or should we say, G’day! Since G’day began in July of 2021, we have seen many listings get uploaded onto the site. From short blurbs to a several paragraphs, we’ve seen a wide variety of listing posted. But the question we often get asked is, “what are your recommendations for our page”. So we decided to write a blog post that captures what we believe will help consumers, and search engines, get a great idea of what your business is about.

Make that description, well, descriptive

After you’ve filled out all of your businesses location and contact information, and have linked your website and social media channels – it’s time to tell folks about what you’re all about! Now this seems very straight forward, but this is a vital step that can be over looked when you’re excited to get your profile up and running. So what should you add?

A detailed breakdown of your business, what you’re up to, and what sets you apart. People are looking to understand your businesses story, and the things that make your business unique. Supporting local is the main reason why people use G’day, and the people behind those business are a major part of that story. Your description should also include key phrases for things people would search for on Google, so if you’re a grass fed beef farm located near Kelowna British Columbia, some example phrases might include “farm raised grass fed beef for sale near Kelowna.” Or if you’re a lavender farm that makes fresh skin care products near Halifax, an example phrase might be “farm fresh lavender skin care products for sale near Halifax”.

Ask yourself this question when writing your page. If I was searching for business like mine on Google, what would I search for? And include as many of those phrases sprinkled throughout your pages description as you can. A helpful tip is to search for complementary business and follow a similar structure as to what’s listed in their description of the top ranked businesses. This will give you an idea of what’s popular and ranks high on Google. Below is an example from G’day.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Quality photos help paint a picture for folks looking at your page. People want to see the story of your business, and what things look like on site. If you’re a beef farmer, maybe this is a picture of your cows grazing on a field, and you smiling with a bucket of feed, if you’re a winery, maybe this looks like a a sun rising above your vineyard. Including 5-6 images of your business allows people to get a good feel for what your businesses vibe is, and what to expect if they stop by!

Reviews are a businesses best friend

For most people reviews are the first thing they look for when they arrive on a product page. That’s the same reason why big companies invest so much money in generating reviews. Nothing gets people moving quite like a positive peer review. The same thing goes for your business. Someones flipping through farms in their area who has never purchased from a local farmer before, and stumbles upon two farms. One with a bunch of reviews, and another with no reviews. Which one do you think they’re likely to go with?

It doesn’t take much to get a review. In most cases people will be happy to share their positive experiences with others. Next time someone is checking out, ask them if they would be willing to write you a review on

Pages change and so do I, you need not wonder why (Burton Cummings if he used G’day)

Businesses change over time, let your G’day page reflect that change by updating your listing. If your businesses hours have changed, new products are available, or maybe your brand has taken a new direction, make sure to capture those changes in your listing.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions about G’day, or how you can sign up, please reach out to us at G’!

G’day is a platform that connects you with local farms and producers, allowing you to buy your groceries straight from the folks that produce them. From produce to protein, wine to cheese, you’ll find it on G’day!

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