Why your business should join G’day

So, what’s in it for me? Below we help answer some of the commonly asked questions surrounding why you should sign your business up for G’day!

Our mission is to create one national coast to coast buy local website where folks can go to connect with local farmers and producers. Unity amongst the various producers and regions across Canada will increase the potential for consumers coming in contact with your business. 

Our platform has the potential to provide producers a number of different unique advantages. Obviously these advantages will not impact all producers in the same way. 

One benefit G’day can provide is a piece of the digital pie. Some producers may not know how to manage a web space. G’day provides and manage that space. To add to this point, managing and maintaining a web space can be time consuming and sometimes costly

Marketing farm to consumer sales is all what our mission is all about! We are not part of a grander scheme. Therefore producers are getting the most out of us. This also allows for very specific marketing opportunities. When a person logs on to shopgday.ca they are there because they want to explore local grocery options. Whereas other marketing mediums can provide target markets, G’day has already pin pointed the bullseye. I recently came across this study that reiterates the impact of G’day. Here is the quote that I found interesting “Yet, our results suggest that political desires to encourage local food systems are in some cases poorly matched with resources to address specific types of challenges farmers face. Specifically, overlooking the role of diverse social support actors in helping farmers build food production and distribution capacity could undermine efforts to foster localization”

G’day is Canada wide. Therefore it has the potential to attract new customers for your business. Think of the family that lives in Toronto that has a cottage in the Muskokas and wants to experience the flavours of down the road. Or the family that is on a trip to see the Calgary Stampede and wants to get a first hand look at an Alberta steak. These options are made possible with G’day. 

We often get asked the question “Does it cost money?” The simple answers is Yes. After the trial period is complete, there is a subscription cost of $200 dollars annual attached to joining our website. Which in todays world is not a heck of a lot. We also take into account that our platform might not be for everyone which is what we offer a trial period. 

We do a fair amount of work behind the scenes to ensure that folks find G’day, and through that connect with your business. By being apart of G’day you are apart of a nation wide brand that is working to become the go to spot for finding local groceries!

We also offer additional marketing opportunities for your business. From blog posts to e-blasts, and everything in-between. We know how to connect you with consumers that love buying local groceries. If you are curious about what it costs to get someone to write up a blog post about a business, I encourage you to do some research! This is also the same for social media content. For myself I know I was surprised when I learnt how much content costs. We are also featured in a number of other outlets including Sirus XM radio, The Back 40 podcast, and various newspapers.

Another way in which our platform is different from other local food marketing agencies is that we do not profit from your success. Owning and operating a business is a full time job and then some. That is why we decided charge an annual or monthly flat rate as opposed to charging a commission based on sales. 

Farming and producing homegrown products is a full time job on its own. Let us handle the marketing side of things for your business. 

G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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