Slow Commerce. What might feel like a step backwards, is actually a giant leap forward.

Do you find same day shipping excessive? Long for the days that people paid with cash? We hear you loud and clear.

When we first launched G’day we knew things might be a little bumpy. In a world filled with same day deliveries, we knew that it would take some time for people to cozy up to an idea that revolves around becoming a part of your groceries supply chain. With traditional grocery stores, all of the food is all brought to one centralized location, making the process super convenient. But with convenience comes compromise. You don’t know all that much about the products you’re consuming, there’s really no one to help answer your questions, and there’s no pricing negotiations happening at the self check-out. As the saying goes, “you get what you get, and you don’t get upset”.

By using G’day you are a direct player in your groceries journey. Meaning in some cases, you need to travel to a farm or producer and physically pick up your order, or arrange delivery. Not a new concept by any means, but definitely something that might require some getting used to. With this added step, you can select exactly which producer you want to buy from, ask your questions directly to the folks that produced the product, and in most cases, discuss potential pricing options (#FractionalFresh being one).

We’re not fast commerce, actually, we’re the opposite. Meet slow commerce. Ever been stuck in traffic and have seen someone walking faster on the sidewalk than the cars stuck in gridlock? You thought driving would be faster, but here we are. Does the person on the sidewalk have to walk to their destination instead of sitting and driving? Yes. But during that walk they’ll get exercise, some sunshine, and maybe learn something along the way. That’s how we see slow commerce. You’re taking control and becoming a part of your products journey. Will it take you a bit longer to get there, yes. But we think the benefits drastically outweigh any shortfalls.

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G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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