Looking to buy groceries straight from the farm? G’day’s got you covered!

Welcome #FansOfFresh to the #FarmToFridge movement! we couldn’t be more excited that you’ve found G’day and are looking at buying your groceries straight from the source. When we talk about local groceries, we’re referring to local produced foods, beverages, and products. 🥩🍯🧀🍺🍷🥔🌽🥕

What are you looking to buy?

The first step in the G’day recipe is to identify what products you’re looking to buy locally. Are you in the market for meat or poultry, fruits and vegetables, fish, wine, skin care products? There are countless local options available for items that are also found in big box grocery stores.

Search for local options around you

The second step is to enter the product that your looking to purchase along with your location into the search bar on shopgday.ca. Click search, and you’ll instantly have a list of all the local options around you, along with a map showing their location.

Learn about different producers

Now it’s time to browse the different producers’s pages, and learn about the things that make their products different. Corn fed vs grass fed, regenerative practices, no-till, organic, etc. There are countless ways that the same product can be produced differently. The farms page gives you a good idea of the farms practices, and what their brand is all about. This page also has links to the businesses social media pages so that you can keep up with the producer.

Communication is 🔑

Now that you’ve found a local producer that you want to try, it’s time to contact them and let them know that you’re interested in buying their products. Some producers have fully transitional websites, others will take orders over the phone, it all depends on the business. It’s important to reach out prior to arriving to make sure that the producer is expecting you, and so that they can make sure that they have stock of the items that you’re looking to purchase. Some producers offer delivery, others have pick up options available. How you will get your products varies from producer to producer. 📦 🚗

And just like that, you’re buying local groceries!

Welcome to the #FarmToFridge movement! Tag G’day on social media for any locally purchased products, and help others discover the benefits of buying local groceries 🥩🍯🧀🍺🍷🥔🌽🥕

G’day is a platform that connects you with local farms and producers, allowing you to buy your groceries straight from the folks that produce them. From produce to protein, wine to cheese, you’ll find it on G’day!

G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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