Take 5 with a Bodybuilder. Fourth Line Cattle Co. Sponsored Athlete, Sam Slater.

How did you discover 4th Line Cattle Company? 

I first discovered 4th Line Cattle Co. when my boyfriend (Tim Walcott, owner of Motus Strength Health Club in Erin, ON) started training Matt, one of the owners! I am one of the personal trainers there as well, so I saw Matt a few of the mornings! We connected and worked out a partnership that has been working out beautifully! 

How has buying farm direct food changed your perspective on the way you look at food? Would you recommend it? 

Absolutely! Farm direct food is very important to me because of not only how high quality and fresh it is, but also anecdotally how I feel on it! I always digest farm direct meat better and love 4th Line’s beef because it is so lean and is perfect for all my fitness goals. I would recommend it because there is no better or faster way to get quality meat than going farm direct. 

Do you think there are any benefits to sourcing local food?

Purchasing from local farmers is so important to support them and the economy of your local city or town! I also love supporting good people. Matt and Tam always go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy and receive the highest quality meat. 

I gotta ask if you feel comfortable, what are some of your personal best lifts?

Bench: 245lbs

Squat: 395lbs

Deadlift: 475lbs 

If you were not in the body building trade could you ever see yourself getting into farming? 

I do enjoy being active and having a job that requires me to be moving throughout the day, so I could have been a possibility for sure (and still could be!) 

Do you think 4th Line meats have impacted your performance?

For my sport I need high protein and low-fat meat to maintain and put on muscle. Quality matters. 4th Line’s meat has definitely made a very positive impact on my performance! 

What does your average day look like?

An average day for me right now (while getting ready for a competition!) is:

5am Wake up

6am First client

7am Go and do my cardio 

8:30am -12noon Training clients 

1pm – 4pm administrative and client work for my training business (with my first meal around 2:30pm)

5pm Train

8-10pm Eat and hangout with Tim! Then sleep and repeat!

What’s your favourite food?

Great question! Probably my mom’s homemade lasagna! 

What inspired/how did you get into bodybuilding? 

I always played sports growing up and loved being competitive. When I graduated University, I was upset because I felt like I wasn’t able to compete anymore. That’s when I started lifting weights and was introduced to the competitive side of bodybuilding! I didn’t my first competition in August of 2015 and was hooked ever since! This coming May and June will be my 9th and 10th competitions! I love training and love eating so bodybuilding is very attractive to me and I hope to continue as long as I can! 

Be sure to check out fresh local options near you on G’day !

G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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