Take 5 With a Farmer. Derek Weidhaas of White Pine Bison.

What is your favourite aspect of farming?

Our favourite aspect of farming is being in control of our destiny and the growth of our farm. We decide how much time to put in to achieve our dreams.

What is your current pet peeve around the farm?

We’re sure most farmers can agree, not having enough money to do the things we need right away is the biggest pet peeve we all have in the farming industry.

What is something that you would like to change about your industry?

The biggest change we’d like to see in the bison industry is Canada-wide marketing for all bison farmers. This would help gain more exposure to our industry and teach the public about the health benefits of bison meat and the sustainable farming practices used to farm bison. 

What made you want to become a farmer?

Life in the military afforded many travel opportunities but it was also a life of following someone else’s schedule. I have been dreaming of farming and planning this farm adventure since I started in the military over 20 years ago. The main reason I wanted to become a farmer was for the lifestyle.

What are you most passionate about farming?

We are passionate about learning everything we can about sustainable and eco-friendly farming so our bison herd can grow naturally. We are equally as passionate about caring for our bison herd and watching our farm grow.

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G'day Staff
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