How does farm to table work? (#FarmToFridge)

Farm to table (or as we like to call it #FarmToFridge) is a social movement that encourages sourcing locally produced products directly from the producer and serving them at nearby restaurants. Farm to table is all about food traceability (a fancy way of saying “knowing where your food comes from). By buying your food directly from the source, you get products that are fresh, nutrient dense, and support local economies. .You also get to build a relationship with the farmer that produced your food, and ask them questions about what went into your steak, or bushel of corn. As we like to say, farmers are a real life FAQ page.

Typically farm to table products pare sourced through farmers markets, CSA (community supported agriculture), or through a direct relationship with a farm. But what if you want to bring the farm to table experience into your everyday life, and join the #FarmToFridge movement! By using G’day you can try different farms and see what types of growing styles you like. What if only one type of beer was widely available, and it was all you knew (a truly sad world, I know). And then all of a sudden you discovered IPA’s, stouts, wheat beer, and ales. You would suddenly be experiencing flavours that you never knew existed. This in some instances is what most people experience when they source their groceries from the grocery store. You pick out what looks the best, and go on with your trip. By using G’day you can sample local food around you and unlock different flavours that you never would have experienced if you bought your food through traditional channels. Joining the #FarmToFridge through using G’day takes all the complexity out of finding a local farm or producer.

How do I connect with a farmer through G’day?

So you’ve decided you want to try farm direct groceries, now what? The first step is to use our easy to navigate search function to search for the items on your grocery list.

Once you click search you’ll find all available options for that category in a 50km radius of your location. Below is a screen shot of local beef options near Mississauga. A big misconception about buy farm fresh groceries is a huge time commitment. 4th Line Cattle Co. is only a 44 minute drive from Mississauga. That’s one short drive for farm fresh beef!

The next step is to contact the farmer and check their inventory levels. Since you’re buying groceries directly from the source (and are traveling to get there), it’s important to check the farmers stock before starting your trip. You can find all necessary contact information for the producer on their page on G’day.

I’m home, I cooked an amazing meal with my food, now what?

So you’ve bought your food from the farm, cooked an AMAZING meal, now what? Hop onto and create a review for the farm you visited. By creating reviews you can help other users understand what to expect, and help grow the #FansOfFresh community. You can also tag us on Instagram with your #FarmToFridge meals.

Join the #FarmToFridge movement today by shopping on G’day!

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