Take 5 With a Farmer. Janet Reiche-Schoenfeldt of Meadowview Farm.

What is your least favourite task to do on the farm?

 Least favorite is dealing with sick animals and unloading square bales.

What is one misconception that you hope to change in the industry? 

 It’s not really a misconception it’s more like an enlightening. I don’t think the public really understands what goes into the product the farmer produces. The time, the labour and the hardships.  The product the farmer produces should be worth twice as much if not more. The cost of everything has gone up so much and the farmers cost has also gone up but what the farmer gets for the product has not kept pace.

Can you tell us a memorable moment that made you chuckle? 

My son loved coming down to the barn with me. One muddy spring day I told him to stay in the barn and I went outside to get the hose into the water trough. He didn’t listen to me, he got stuck in the mud, tried to move, fell out of his boots and got covered in barnyard. 

Describe your average day? 

Depends on the day. I don’t think farmers have average days. Every season brings a different average day.  With animals the one consistent is feed, water and monitor. 

What is something that you would like to change about your industry? 

 More financial grants, more education in regards to new technology,  more education of consumers, some how more money for farmers.

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