Farm fresh options near Ottawa

Farm fresh is near! Check out these local options that are just outside of Ottawa, Ontario!

Welcome to our second instalment of farm fresh is near! This week we’re going to be walking through farm fresh options outside of Ottawa, Ontario! From local beef, lamb, honey, poultry, eggs, bison, and potatoes, we have local farm fresh options for everyone!

Dobsons Grass Fed Beef Farm (1 hour and 19 minutes from Ottawa)

Bob and Eva Dobson operate a small family farm located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. They are dedicated to ecologically and ethically sound farming practices. Their cattle graze only the most luscious pastures and eat the highest quality hay harvested on their farm. They work with a local, provincially inspected abattoir which is run by the McGarough family. It is located in Micksburg, Ontario, just 5 km from their farm gate.

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Bar JM Farm (1 hour and 14 minutes from Ottawa)

Sarah Darragh and Derek Black operate a small purebred Hereford beef program in Douglas Ontario. They take pride in raising quality Hereford genetics. They focus on growth, milk and longevity! If you are looking for top grade beef we have what you need!

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Bonnechere Basin Meats (1 hour and 17 minutes from Ottawa)

Bonnechere Basin Meats is a family oriented farm in the heart of the Bonnechere Valley along the Bonnechere river. They offer a variety of home grown meat, from chicken and turkeys to lamb and beef. They also offer farm fresh eggs!

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White Pine Bison (1 hour and 25 minutes from Ottawa)

White Pine Bison is a veteran-owned bison farm located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, within the Whitewater Region of Ontario. They raise all-natural 100% grass-fed bison, without the use of hormones or antibiotics. They strive to use sustainable and all-natural farming practices to ensure they maintain the health of their bison herd and to help improve the environment within and around their growing farm. They’re proud to provide their local communities with all-natural 100% grass-fed bison meat products.

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Anderson Farm (35 minutes from Ottawa)

The Anderson Farm was built in 1837 and is located on the corner of Dwyer Hill Rd and Franktown Rd. The Farm was recognized as a Century Farm in 1967, having remained in the family since Confederation

This is the fifth generation of Andersons to live and work on the farm. The operation today is much the same as earlier years except for the advantage of modern machinery.

They specialize in all natural beef and lamb in the Ottawa area. You can come to the farm and buy individual cuts or special order freezer orders to suit your needs. They sell to the consumer, restaurants and local grocery stores.

What does all natural mean? It means they do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics in raising their animals.

They finish their beef and lamb on corn and/or barley. They use grain to finish for the flavour.

Their beef and lamb is still lean with a nice amount of marbling, giving tender, moist and flavourful cuts.

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Pinnacle Haven Farm (1 hour and 6 minutes from Ottawa)

Pinnacle Haven Farm produces local lamb in beautiful Renfrew County. They raise sheep on grass six or more months of the year through managed rotational grazing, improving their soil health while raising healthy sheep and lambs.

Lamb is available on a year-round basis from their farm (that’s located just 10 minutes outside of Renfrew, Ontario), as well as from the Deep River Farmers’ Market from May-October. You can also order online, call or email ahead to place your order.

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BarrValley Cattle (1 hour and 25 minutes from Ottawa)

BarrValley Cattle offers farm fresh beef available for direct consumer purchasing. BarrValley raises both Angus, and Simmental cattle.

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Green Gate Honey (1 hour and 21 minutes from Ottawa)

Green Gate Honey offers small scale beekeeping and artisan style honey located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley. Female owned and operated. Their focus and passion is providing our local community with 100% naturally sourced honey and honey bee products, while promoting the importance of pollinators, their health and habitat creation/preservation.

Their locally-bred Buckfast bees spend their spring, summer and fall foraging along the rolling pasture fields and forests surrounding Cobden, Ontario. The health and well being of their bees is the #1 focus for Green Gate Honey. As such, they take great care in ensuring the bees are well fed, housed and protected from both natural predators, common beehive pests and potentially harmful chemicals in their surrounding environment.

Green Gate Honey currently offers year-round porch pick-up and delivery to those within Renfrew County. They also offer September fall honey delivery to those living within Southern Ontario, specifically Wellington, Perth, Oxford and Brant counties/townships. Orders can be placed directly on their website.

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Meadowview Farm (1 hour and 42 minutes from Ottawa)

Meadowview offers a bit of everything. From cows to chickens, to donkeys to sheep. They specialize mainly in homegrown lamb and beef. Their animals are grass fed as well as grain fed to add a little extra flavour!

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Morningside Farm (1 hour and 26 minutes from Ottawa)

Morningside Side Farm is a family run sheep farm located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley where they’ve been producing top quality lamb since 2008. They raise approximately 250 lambs a year who we feed a diet of hay and barley. Their ewes spend their summers turned out to pasture and their winters within our barn.

They sell our lamb cut and wrapped by the piece, by the half or whole. You can find Morningside Farm at the Carp Farmers Market every Saturday from May to November. You can also find them on Instagram.

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Whitewater Ranch & Farm Shop (1 hour and 20 minutes from Ottawa)

Whitewater Ranch farm shop is open five days a week. At the store you can find their Pork which is pasture raised on site, beef and pastured chicken. The farm shop is also filled with local Artisan products and our organic produce and preserves. You can also find fresh baking every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Whitewater Ranch is also Safe Travel approved with Ontario Tourism and will be bringing you farm to fork dinners in 2022!

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Rocky Ridge Herefords (1 hour and 39 minutes from Ottawa)

Rocky Ridge Herefords offers farm fresh Hereford beef available for direct purchasing. They offer quarters, halves, and bundles. Burger is wrapped in one pound packs.

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Alexiou Farms/ Valley Spuds (45 minutes north of Ottawa)

Alexiou Farms is a potato and grain farm located in Cobden, Ontario. They grow, package and ship their delicious variety of table potatoes.

In 2022 they will have a sunflower trail in Cobden with fun interactive activities along with photographers for that perfect picture with the sunflowers!

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