Farm Fresh Options Near Toronto

Farm fresh is near! Check out these local options that are just outside of Toronto!

If you’re one of the many people that are looking to shift their food purchasing habits to include more local options, my guess is that you’ve already tried all the local farmers markets in your area. Let me start off by saying I like farmers markets, they provide a platform for farms to come to different areas and sell their products. But for many farmers participating in them just isn’t feasible for their business. For a lot of farmers, participating in farmers markets means that no one is looking after the farm during the period that they’re out of town. Which for small farms just isn’t an option.

Needless to say as a consumer you’re just seeing the tip of the Canadian agricultural iceberg if you’re just shopping at farmers markets.

But farmers markets are not the only way to enjoy farm fresh produce and protein directly from the source. There are numerous farms that are a stones throw away from the city that offer farm direct sales, allowing you to buy your groceries directly from the farmer that produced them. Today we’re going to be walking through some farms that can be found just outside of Toronto.

Alexiou Farms, Beeton Ontario (45 minutes north of Toronto)

Alexiou Farms is located just 45 minutes north of Toronto. They produce table potatoes, sweet corn and beets.

Stop by their page on G’day to learn more!

Hackener Farms (1 hour from Toronto)

Hackener Farms is an 8th generation family farm, located on 200 acres in the lovely town of Uxbridge, Ontario (an hour from Toronto)

. They produce beef, poultry, and eggs. Their beef is corn/grain/hay fed and is on pasture all summer. Their chickens are fed a regular non-medicated chicken feed. They try to be as self-sustained as possible. They grow all our own feed and bedding for the cows and do all the work themselves. Anti-Wastefulness is a big issue. They try to fulfill it in both the farm work and the animal raising/meat selling.

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4th Line Cattle Co. (just over an hour from Toronto)

4th Line Cattle Co. is a family run beef and pork farm located in Hillsburgh, Ontario (just an hour outside of Toronto). Built on the idea that food is best when fresh, 4th Line Cattle Co. fully embraces the farm to fork movement. To them, farm to fork means encouraging people to swap over processed, modified foods for local, natural and unaltered produce, dairy and meats. They also love the personal relationship that are built when people buy their food directly from their farm.

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Hereward Farms (1 hour and 14 minutes from Toronto)

Hereward Farms is a lavender farm that grows and produces spa-quality all-natural skincare products located in East Garafraxa, Ontario (Formerly known as the Hamlet of Hereward)

Made with 100% natural ingredients and use nature’s most precious elements to make their non-toxic, skincare products that support your beautiful radiant skin and healthy body.

Their Lavender Lounge + Boutique and fields are now open, and their newly planted lavender fields are ready for you to see. Please keep in mind that they’re still young, but it is still a sight for sore eyes to see 3,000 lavender plants in a field and then see where our products are made.

Stop by their age on G’day to learn more!

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