Take 5 With a Farmer. Jennifer of Whitewater Ranch.

What is your first farming memory? 

My first farm memory goes way back to running through the fields to catch the tractor and hay wagon before I was allowed to drive and help. I used to follow them everywhere!

What is your current pet peeve around the farm?

The hay and straw… everywhere. I feel my kids stuff their pockets and pants with it, then come in the farm house and shake and empty it everywhere. It never truly does go away

How/When did you get into farming?

I was born in to it.

What made you want to become a farmer?

 I used to work in small animal care, and after over 15 years I was emotionally drained. I sold my house in the middle of town and bought where we are today. I shifted my sail and now we have become such a large part of our community. I still get to work with animals so it’s a win win!

Can you tell us a memorable farm story that made you chuckle?

As a kid, my sister and myself used to skate on the manure pile. My parents couldn’t fiture out why our good snowsuits would smell so bad and it wasn’t until she fell through the “ice” that they learned what we were doing. She was covered head to toe in liquid manure and still to this day, it’s a great story to remind her of.

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