Take 5 with a farmer. Scott Schoenfeldt of Rocky Ridge Herefords.

What is your first farming memory? 

I would have to say my first farming memory would be feeding cows with my dad. I might have been three or four years old, we old fed small square bales back then. I was just along for the ride at the time. Dad would fill the back of our old Chev truck up with bales and drive it out to the field where the cows were wintered. As he opened the bales the cows would come running. Looking back on it now I guess this is where my love of cows began. 

Can you tell us a memorable farm story that made you chuckle? 

Spring is always a fun time to be on on the farm. Warm weather and newborn calves make you forget about winter quick. The warm weather doesn’t only melt the snow it also exposes a winters worth of cow patties! It has happened to me on an occasion or two where I have walked out of my boot in the barnyard and as you can imagine it is not pleasant. It is one of those things that it sucks when it happens to you but when you see someone else do it is a good chuckle. Just like getting shocked by an electric fence, funny when you see it happen, not when it happens to you! 

Can you simplify/discuss a common farm task/fact/practice for our #FansOfFresh? 

I think this question is great. I would like to discuss the benefits of the Hereford cow. It is something that you might not think about often but there are many different types of cows, just like there are different breeds of dogs. All breeds have certain desirable/undesirable traits. We raise Hereford cattle on our farm. Herefords are desired for their feed efficiency, docility, and maternal qualities. This basically means they convert their food to fat quicker, they are well behaved and they  have great mothering qualities.  

Did/Do you have a favourite animal or piece of farm equipment throughout our farming adventure? 

I would have to say my favourite cow of all time would be Jackie. She was my first cow ever and of course she was a Hereford. My parents bought her for me when I was six as a post-secondary investment cow. They took the money made from her calf each year and put in an account that went towards my post secondary education. I still have her genetic influence in my herd today. She had 18 calves in 15 years. 

What is your favourite aspect of farming?

For me it is all about my cows. It is very rewarding to see the lifecycle of our stock. A lot of events happen to a calf from the time it is born to the time it leave the farm. You might have to treat it for an illness, it may have busted a fence, it may have tried to run you over, all memorable events at the end of the day. Not all our animals go for beef sales some get sold as breeding stock to other breeders. It is always nice to see how your cattle perform in other peoples herds it gives you a small sense of pride. As for the animals that do end up going for beef it is equally as rewarding hearing people compliment you on how good the beef tastes!

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  1. Loved reading about local young farmers. I think articles such as these are such a positive influence on young people. It would be nice to get this information to the schools at a young age to plant the seed of local food sustainability and career possibilities.

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