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My name’s Scott, and I’m a Co-Founder here at G’day! I grew up on a small beef farm in Rankin, Ontario. I teamed up with my university roommate to create this unique service. The other Co-Founder, Sean, is from Mississauga, Ontario. I like to call it the big smoke of Ontario.

He was mind blown when he figured out he could eat fresh goods that were homegrown and made from our farm. That was when the idea started to take shape. You see to me, growing up on the farm eating the food you grow is simply a part of life. Whereas to my new roommate Sean this was like opening a door to another world! The tastes were different, the smells were different, the way in which the food was packaged/presented was different (brown butchers paper was a common sight in our university fridge). 

He couldn’t believe what he was missing out on, and I for the most part was like, “yeah man! this is as fresh as it gets!” I knew exactly who grew it, and how it got from the farm to my dinner table. Growing up in a farming community I didn’t fully understand how disconnected most Canadians were of their foods journey from the farm to their fridge.

You really can see, taste, and feel (physically and mentally) the difference in eating food directly from the farm. Our vision is to create a space that gives farmers and producers a place to promote, educate and sell their goods to people that have never had access to farm fresh products before. We also want to create a platform that gives people who have never had a chance to experience eating locally grown products (AKA all the Sean’s out there) an opportunity too.

Start your #FarmToFridge journey today on G’day!

Scott (left) & Sean
G'day Staff
Author: G'day Staff

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